The guide was originally published on the internet in 1995 after I found myself with time on my hands for a few months. The site consistantly gets approximately 70,000 hits a month without any adverting being featured on the site, web rings or 'link exchange' pages (which are a major pain to keep updated).

The paintings displayed on various pages of the book are done so with the kind permission of The Electric Gallery. These spendid paintings feature the work of Greg Anderson, and although they are not all of guitar players, the artists they portray all had a huge impact in the way the electric guitar developed in modern music.

About the author

I began learning about music at the age of 11 when I took 3 years of formal drum lessons. At the age of 19 I started playing guitar and by 21 was in my first band performing regularly around clubs in Essex, UK. Before long I was also involved in a 9-piece rock band (in the 'Little Feat' style), a 5/6 piece blues band, jazz duo and helped out by recording/engineering for local musicians that needed demos to send out to record companies and gig promoters.

I also gave private guitar lessons for a while and soon learned that people had the same problems when learning the guitar. Time was a major hurdle for some but just knowing how to learn seemed to be a constant theme. The guide was written out of frustration with guitar magazines, 'play-along' books, chord chart books that were put together is the most illogical way possible and the glut of home videos that were pumped out en-masse with poorly written manuals and awful on-screen tablature. People failing to learn thought it was their fault and not the learning material. Sad but true!

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