This page contains articles that readers of The Essential Guitar Guide have requested which are outside the scope of material covered in the book, but relate to guitar playing in general. If you have an idea for a future article, please send me an e-mail or use the suggestions form.

Getting Out of The Rut (added 11th May 2005)
We've all been there and it is a hard place to get out of. You practice and seem to get worse, you try harder and hate they way you play. But there is hope and here are some tips learned the hard way to help.

A Buyers Guide for Beginners
Going into a music store for the first time can be quite a daunting task. This is not an in-depth look at equipment, just some points worth considering before you part with any money.

Essential Listening for Guitarists
One of the best ways to learn the guitar is by listeningto others. Here are some records that I think would benefit any serious guitar player, and have influenced me over the years.

Your First Gig
You have found a band and someone has booked your first gig at a local club. What do you do if you have no experience to fall back on? This article will hopefully help prepare you for your first public performance.

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